Decorate Your House with Feng Shui Wood Furniture

Decorate Your House with Feng Shui Wood Furniture

Bringing nature inside can give a whole new atmosphere to your home, wooden elements are entering the world of interior design and are becoming the number one furniture among homeowners. They not only provide a warm, comfortable feeling, but also a mix of modern and classic design that we all want to enjoy. Sometimes it’s not easy to decide which one works best for us, so we go safe and choose between two of our favorites. And that is the most amazing wood attribute there: You can use it for almost any style and design and still have a stylish and comfortable home. But, why are we all so crazy about wood tables and chairs? What does the wood material provide to other people and how can a lot of people choose the correct one for it? In addition, it is a direct gift from nature – wood is the perfect material to create beautiful patterns and lines on any furniture, from chairs and tables to beds, doors. on and kitchen elements.

Each piece of wood furniture is authentic due to the ingenuity involved in the performance. This means investing in quality wooden furniture can be a big step for your wallet, but it will definitely pay off. Any furniture made of wood brings some kind of luxury feeling and makes your home look shiny and lush. That’s the secret of wood. You can spend a lot of money on accessories to make your home look stylish, but nothing compares to a single piece of wood chair, drawer or a simple coffee table. Also, if you are in a rustic look, wood will give you exactly that. Above all, wood is the most environmentally friendly furniture material known to humans. This material is not harmful to the environment and it is absolutely safe for our beloved Mother Earth.

How do you bring the strong presence of Feng Shui elements when you need it? As always, it is best to exhibit subtle feng shui elements, with appropriate objects and aesthetically pleasing visuals appropriate to your home or office decor. Below find the suggestions for decorative items / feng shui products that will best show energy feng shui wood element. As a rule, Wood is most welcome in feng shui areas in the East, Southeast and South.

1. Healthy Lush Plants in the House

What better way to bring Feng Shui wood into your home or office than to a lush, healthy tree? Choose among the top 10 indoor air purifiers and enjoy the fresh air! Or, you can also go for a fragrant herb in your kitchen. Nice energy and very easy to create!

Healthy Lush Plants in the House

2. Wood Statues and Figurines in House

There are a variety of endless wooden statues and figurines to choose from to bring the Feng Shui element to Wood. Decide what works best with your home decor, but be certain to go for this easy wood element solution. Wooden statues can work particularly well in areas where you can not have too many trees, such as in your bedroom. Wood Buddha Statue and Wall Décor are also a great suggestion. Choose a Buddha sculpture in the color or color of the Wood element and along with the many benefits of the Buddha energy in your home, you have also added the necessary feng shui wood element.

Wood Statues and Figurines in House

3. Creative Wood Element Wall Murals

Wall paintings are an excellent feng shui solution for any home or office. We love them all, from the water element murals (images of water) to the wood components (image of trees and bamboo trees). We hope you will love them too!

Creative Wood Element Wall Murals in Living Space

4. Wall Paint in Wood Element Colors

In Feng Shui, color is one of the easiest ways to bring about the change needed in the energy of your home or office. Wooden feng shui elements are green and brown, so feel free to draw a Southeast feature wall in a spring blue. Or, can you go for a high-gloss chocolate brown color for your eastern east door?

Wall Paint in Wood Element Colors in the House

5. Wood Element Art

You can bring a strong presence of wood feng shui to any artwork you choose with one of the Wood (green and brown) elements, or illustrate the wood (tree or plants). You can also take your own nature photos, complete them in wooden frames and end up with a fantastic feng shui cure! If you want to have an artwork that combines traditional materials and elegant details that will bring unique character into your room, art rustic wood wall clock will be the best choice.

Wood Element Art in Home Decor

6. Wood Element Color Pillows

What could be easier than to get the necessary feng shui factors with beautiful decorative accessories? Be it pillows, throws, rugs in the area or curtains by the color of the wood element – you can always find a pleasant way to create good feng shui in your home! It is always best to go for natural fabrics, such as silk, velvet or cotton.

Wood Element Color Pillows