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Colored-pencil Candle Holders 

Create a relaxing space with soft ambient lighting from Henry Le Design’s unique decorative candle holders. Our products are the best home decor items & gift ideas that you can not find anywhere.  


What Are Candle Holders?

Heat-resistant containers called candle holders are used to store and display candles safely. They are nearly often composed of cast iron, glass, or metal. Others are beautiful and utilized to enhance the appearance of a home, while some are basic and only practical. Additionally, candle holders are utilized in religious ceremonies. To accommodate various candle sizes, candle holders are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Some are used to completely contain a tall, wide candle, such as a pillar candle, and are formed like tall glasses. Others are just plates that are positioned behind the flame to shield the surface below, such a hardwood table. A little jar that is used to hold votive candles is called a votive holder.
decorative candlesticks
Decorative Colored-pencil Lucky Candle Holder

What Goes With Candle Holders?

Candlesticks, which can be plain or elaborate, are used to carry tapered, higher candles. These more conventional ornaments are frequently used as dining room table centerpieces. A wall sconce can also be used to hold candles. These are often installed on walls and composed of metal. Tart burners are offered for burning tiny, flat tart candles. These frequently resemble vases with a little dish perched on top.

Decorative Candle Holders

Additionally quite common are decorative candle holders by Henry Le Design. These are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and hues to go with any theme or setting. Some candle holders include designs on the outside, which when a lit candle is placed inside, can project the patterns or images onto a wall. Lantern-shaped candle holders are frequently seen; they may be used as outdoor camping lanterns or just for decoration. A candle holder that accommodates many candles is called a candelabra. These can also be any size or form, and they can accommodate both enormous taper candles and little votive candles. There are candlesticks for every desire, and candleholders can be as plain or elaborate as your taste requires. These are wonderful presents, and it's very kind to pair the candle holder with some pleasantly scented candles.
Decorative Colored-pencil Emperess Candle Holder

How To Use Candle Holders

Being safe is crucial, even while using a heat-proof candle holder. Place the candle away from any areas where a child or animal may knock it over or accidently brush against it. To keep the flame contained, trim the wick each time you light the candle. When putting the candle out, take care not to spill hot wax on any nearby surfaces or on yourself.