About Henry Le Design 

HENRY LE DESIGN brand was born in late 2016 at 31 Van Mieu Street, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam by the visionary artist Le Xuan Huong (Henry Le), owner of Nguyen Art Gallery and Viet Vision Travel.
Graduated from University of Industrial Fine Art in 1997, Henry owned a lot of revolutionary ideas in mind and also had a vision to create unique pieces of furniture and home decor. He specialized in designing outdoor and indoor furniture, and even after years of pursuing a career path in tourism, he still holds dear to his aesthetic dream and continues to run Nguyen Art Gallery, which is a fine art gallery specializing in original paintings and art.
He sees the best in everything, even the rustic wood that is considered worthless to others. With a heart that desires to change and a mind that always thinks outside of the box, Henry has brought life to Henry Le Design. Every Henry Le Design’s product is tended with the utmost care by professional interior designers in his team and Henry himself.
With their unique designs, Henry Le Design’s products are favored by many, from massive wood tables, coffee tables, dining tables, rustic wood wall clocks, wine glass holders to metal hairpin legs, each has a special meaning and bears the signature artistry of the artists that created it.
All of our products have a touch of delicacy and originality, making them the star items in the house that are as eye-catching as they are original.
Contact us now for the direct consultation and a chance to get unique pieces of furniture that suit your design purposes.