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Colored-pencil Side Tables

The lively pattern on the surface of Henry Le Design's side tables brings understated elegance. Our products have the gorgeous 3D display of multi-color pencils that you can not find anywhere. 


Why Should You Choose Side Tables

Side Tables Are Flexible

Despite the fact that side tables are usually located in the bedroom, you can actually move it wherever because it is so adaptable! It should be moved to your living room and put there next to the couch so it may serve as a secure surface for your cup of coffee or book. Alternately, transfer it from your bedside to the recess next to your desk so you can utilize it to conceal any laying-around papers and trinkets. A side table is essentially a little piece of furniture that you can effortlessly include in any space in your house.
Spring Buds V Colored-pencil Coffee Table
Rose Garden VI Colored-pencil Coffee Table

Side Tables Provide More Storage Space

When it comes to decoration, it feels like there is never enough storage space for you to freely organize all the decór pieces and ornaments in your house. Having more room is usually beneficial because it eliminates the need to leave stuff out or spend a fortune on bespoke built-in cabinets. The typical size of side tables from Henry Le Design is extremely reasonable. They are usually 15 inches in diameter, taking up really little space in your room.

Side Tables Keep Stuffs Effortlessly Accessible

The majority of us have probably had the annoyance of getting into bed comfortably only to discover that our hand cream, favorite book, or any other sleep necessities were left someplace else. So you may avoid the inconvenience of getting out of bed to retrieve any of those essentials if you have a side table close to your bed. You can just leave them on top of the table or in the drawers, where you can still quickly access them while in bed. Not only staying functional in the bedroom, but side tables can also be indispensable items everywhere such as in the living room, dining room, and so on.
Diamond III Colored-pencil Coffee Table - Henry Le Design