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Home is where the heart is, but home décor is how the heart is revealed. Inspired home décor ideas turn bare walls into art galleries, cold floors to warm hearths, and barren rooms into cherished nooks. First-time home decorators and home decorating masters alike will find creative design ideas in my carefully curated collection of wall art, decorative accents, one-of-a-kind furniture, accent lighting, and more. Bedroom, outdoor living space, or kitchen, we’ve got your home decor design ambitions covered.

Henry Le Design creates unique colored-pencil tables, art wood wall clocks, art wine glass holders and much more. What customers experience is a range of luxury furniture displayed in a showroom environment. All the products in our collection are selected for its superior quality, excellent materials and finishes, and attention to detail that is absolutely spectacular. All of our home decor products can be customized to create truly individual and distinctive sections that stand out from the crowd.

Artist Henry Le

Xuan Huong Le

Aim to ignite the lives of art lovers and artistic living space owners through captivating home decor items. With just one piece of art, our colors exude energy, vibrancy, and vividness, leaving a lasting impact. Experience the transformative power of art and embrace a journey that transcends boundaries. Join us and let our pieces of art paint your world with passion, wonder, and joy.

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Henry Le, a highly accomplished artist with a profound passion for the arts, has amassed over two decades of experience in the industry. His artistic journey began with a natural aptitude for painting, and after earning his degree from the Vietnam University of Industrial Fine Arts, he embarked on a path of constant exploration and collaboration to refine his skills. Throughout the years, Henry's talent has flourished, captivating audiences with his sophisticated and captivating works of art.

Driven by his insatiable curiosity and desire to push artistic boundaries...

Henry Le has actively participated in numerous art exhibitions and events across the country. His artistic prowess has garnered widespread recognition, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the art community. Each piece he creates reflects his deep emotional connection to the craft, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration in those who have the privilege of experiencing his work.



Henry's passion for art extends beyond his own creations. In 2006, he established the Nguyen Art Gallery, a space dedicated to promoting art and showcasing the talent of emerging and established artists. 



With the gallery's first official website launched in 2007, Henry expanded his reach, enabling art enthusiasts from around the world to appreciate and acquire his exceptional artwork.

In his artistic journey, Henry Le has continued to evolve and diversify his creative endeavors. After a successful decade of running the Nguyen Art Gallery, he ventured into the world of decor, founding Nguyen Moc Decor.

This venture allowed him to channel his artistic vision into crafting unique dining and meeting tables, using ancient tree trunks and intricately textured branches as raw materials. The fusion of natural elements with artistic craftsmanship brought a touch of elegance and sophistication to interior design.



  • Henry found inspiration in the vibrant colors of colored pencils, sparking a new artistic direction.
  • He began creating exquisite home decor pieces, dining tables, and coffee tables that incorporated colored pencil elements. This marked the birth of "The World of Colored Pencils" and a significant rebranding of Nguyen Moc Decor to Henry Le Design.
  • The rebranding solidified his distinctive style and further propelled his artistic journey.
Sophisticated Tables


  • Henry Le Design expanded its presence to the international stage through the renowned e-commerce platform Etsy. The exceptional success of "The World of Colored Pencils" on Etsy not only introduced Henry's artwork to a global audience but also established his brand as a sought-after name in the realm of artistic decor.

Henry Le's unwavering dedication, relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, and boundless creativity continue to shape his remarkable career. His unique artistic vision resonates with art enthusiasts worldwide, leaving an enduring impact on the ever-evolving art world.

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New Arrivals

Buddha Face

Delicate Buddha Faces

Introducing our stunning Buddha face sculptures made from color pencils. These vibrant creations embody serenity and spirituality, bringing a sense of inner peace to your space. Experience the beauty and emotional resonance of our unique pieces and invite enlightenment into your surroundings.

Timeless Enchanted Giant Chess Pieces

Giant Queen Chess

Introducing our stunning Buddha face sculptures made from color pencils. These vibrant creations embody serenity and spirituality, bringing a sense of inner peace to your space. Experience the beauty and emotional resonance of our unique pieces and invite enlightenment into your surroundings.

New Arrival Boxes

Sleek & Chic Apple Box

Introducing our captivating apple box made of color pencils. This functional and whimsical piece adds creativity and color to any space while providing storage for your treasures. Embrace the enchantment of our unique creation and inspire imagination in your surroundings.


Raving Fans

The order met all of my expectations! It was delivered promptly, communication with the seller was easy and the apples were absolutely beautiful! They were wrapped well (almost too well - it took a good amount of time to pull off all of the packaging) and came in a cute burlap bag for gift-giving. They were exactly what I expected and wanted!
Suzanne / ETSY
Home Decor Review Vase
I bought this coloured pencil vase for my daughter in law, who is a primary school teacher. It really is so beautiful and clever in its design. Made with such care! It's stunning and she loved it! Thank you!
Cathy / ETSY
Home Decor Review Bowl
Great communication and a great bowl. Got it as a gift for a friend for Christmas and she adores it. Quality is amazing, colors are vibrant, and size is spot on. Will be buying from this seller again.
Kayla / ETSY
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