Heart IV Colored-pencil Coffee Table

$ 1,328.00

With superb craftsmanship, Side Coffee Tables in Henry Le Design can liven up your living space to a whole new level. Crafted expertly by the talented artist – Henry Le, our Side Coffee Tables not only bring an artistic vibe to your house but also be great sources of inspiration. All these neat pieces of handwork are made from thousands of vibrant colored pencils, natural solid wood, and high-quality epoxy resin. Check out the detailed dimension for each table style that would perfectly match your interior space.

Diameter: 42cm | 16.5 inches
Table Top Thickness: 6.5cm | 2.48 inches
Details: Handmade

  • Colored Pencils
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Natural solid wood

Feature: Unique product
Designed by Henry Le