Colored-Pencil Free Standing Salmon-Shape Balancing Wine Bottle Holder

$ 19.98

HENRY LE DESIGN is a cradle where lots of unique products are given birth with the very specific characteristics inside them. Among them, we proudly introduce Colored-Pencil Fish Wine Bottle Holder, a product inspired by the image of holding-bottle fish that seems to tell people a story of parent fish carrying the obstacles of life to protect their kids. Several crayons attached to the fish body are likely sparkling diamonds that, somehow, enhance the value of the holder. So, it can make a meaningful gift as well as a conversation starter.

Length: 28.5cm | 11.2 inches
Thickness: 1.5cm | 0.5 inches

  • The simple stylish design makes an attractive display
  • Fits in your space
  • Fits your budget
  • Sturdy on the flat surface