Super Deluxe Chess Pieces | 6 Pieces King – Queen – Bishop – Rook – Knight – Pawn

$ 704.88$ 824.88

6 Super Chess Pieces for Décor are all artworks thanks to:

  • The core of American Ash Wood with light color
  • Multi-colored pencils combined with Epoxy clear resin
  • The base of red Padauk Wood with stunning grains
  • Each chess piece is assembled and finished by hand in meticulous detail and sophistication
  • King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight and Pawn turned and handcrafted to the smallest details
  • The Knight is carved by hand, which is very similar to the War Horse
  • 6 brilliant chess pieces represent all the pieces in the Chess set
  • Logo Henry Le is engraved on copper delicately
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